Revija MAMA

Sun, friends, excellent job offer, good food, new piece of clothes, new makeup, child’s accomplishments, great man, completed exercise, … all these can make your day happier. If you enjoy nature, what can be better in winter than clear sky, 16°C and free time. This should do, to make you smile and be happy, spending your time outside, drinking coffee or have a chat with your friend in a park. When I have the opportunity to drink coffee in a quiet park, being kissed by sun rays, I’m thinking a lot about my life, future. When I was 20 something I said to myself when I’ll be 30, I will retire. Well, that haven’t happened, but it’s true that I really knew myself back then. I knew what I want and with retirement, I wasn’t thinking about stop working at all, just stop working the way I was working at that time.

In the past American dreams meant something. I don’t know, if this term is still relevant, but I think that possibilities are all over the planet now. Modern technology gives us the opportunities, we are not determined by place anymore. It helps to live in more open environment, but, even if you are not, you can still reach things that were unimaginary in the past. The competition is stronger and wider because of that. But still, new generations, that were raised with modern technology, are full of energy, able to push themselves to the limits, and able to make a success in their 20s. Social media interaction can give them motivation, push and strength to follow dreams. All that, if they are willing to take it.

A lot of old generations are complaining over youngs, that they do not have work ambitions. This is not true. They don’t look at work as we used to, they see work differently. Few decades ago, work was supposed to set you free, today we don’t feel that way. It’s all about stress, if you are not under stress you probably don’t work enough. Tomorrow work will be something else, not just something about stress. I hope, that will still involve critical thinking, to evolve our brains and minds. The major change is already seen, with today’s work we lack of physical activity.

Before work involved a lot of physical effort, only few people needed to go to the gym. All the muscle strength was gained through work. With modern terminology of work, just few body muscles really work and gyms are full. We need to have strong body and mind. And today’s work doesn’t satisfy the same needs as it did in the past. Gym trainers, fit advisers, workout communities, all are in blossom. And this is their way of work, they provide consumers what they lack in their everyday life. Even if in the past this was their hobby, today they made it a business. We adopt new situations everyday, and this change was adjustment to new circumstances and old generations must accept that, this is also work.

It’s hard to always work what you want, especially because of financial stability, but it is important that work through your life don’t drag you down. You do live only one life, and this life should not be just about work. Go out, see friend, lie down on the grass, feel the sun. Do you remember when was the last time you smelt the nature, do you even know how the nature smells? Even if your work is really important to you, stop from time to time, to charge your battery with different inputs. You might found new source, that will accompany you through your future.


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